Sparks Cover

Fiction River: Sparks – Signing

I’ll be signing this beautiful anthology at Reader’s Guide in Salem on Saturday afternoon. I’m so excited and feel very fortunate to be part of the fantastic group of writers with stories in this Fiction River volume. My anthology story, Under the Skin, is part of The Faery Chronicles and takes place at the same spot in the series timeline as Book 2, Demon.   The official anthology will be available to buy in a couple of months. We’ll be signing a special advanced copy. Please join Dayle A. Dermatis, Sharon Joss, Kim May, and me at Reader’s Guide for the pre-release book signing. See […]

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Faery cover ebook (1)

New Fiction! Faery: The Faery Chronicles Book 3

So excited about the release of Book 3 of The Faery Chronicles series, Faery. Look for the Faery ebook in all the usual places — or order the book in print. Available next week!   Kevin Landon, magical liaison between humans and the fae, helped save the world from a Demon and restore his city to some semblance of normal, but the aftershocks of that fight threaten to tear apart the one realm that determines the fate of all the others: the realm of Faery. A mystical sickness weakens the realm, rendering it vulnerable to a hostile takeover. A powerful, ancient force […]

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Hunt Universe News – The Faery Chronicles

Excellent news! My Hunt Universe novels Hunt and Demon have been re-released as part of a new series, The Faery Chronicles. Look at these gorgeous new covers.   The Faery Chronicles Novels Blowing off steam at a Saturday night party with the girl you really want to date can lead to hearing your friends’ thoughts, pissing off the Faery King, and imminent mortal danger — if you’re sixteen-year-old Kevin Landon, instant freak. His new normal: A best friend with a mind-blowing secret. A rock-n-roll siren doomed to lose her humanity. A father obsessed with a life stolen before its time. […]

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