Witch Cover 4

Introducing the Clockwork Heart Tales No. 2: WITCH

Hooray! The second of the Clockwork Heart Tales, WITCH, is now available. This story took me much longer to finish than I’d originally planned as the story took a different shape and grew into a novelette. The details: Betrayal. Magic. Freedom. Erynn and her unlikely friends have dethroned their terrible master Sebastian, killing him and leaving his soul to suffer and fade into oblivion. They guard his soul to make sure he dies a true death, while keeping their revolution secret, lest Sebastian’s rivals and those under his influence rise against them. After all, in Sebastian’s underground criminal cult, bodies, souls, magic—and power—are the only currency […]

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A Bundle – Fantasy in the City!

Fantasy in the City is filled with awesome. The fabulous Jamie Ferguson has curated 20 (!) short tales of magic into this wonderful bundle. Witches. Ghosts. Faeries. Monsters. Magic. I’m so pleased to have a tale included among stories by some of my favorite authors—Anthea Sharp, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Leah Cutter, Ron Collins, and many more.  Twenty stories for the amazing price of $3.99. My story in the bundle was previously published in The Uncollected Anthology Winter Witches volume, and is a standalone story in The Faery Chronicles series. Here it is with its beautiful new cover. Mystery. Magic. Heartbreak. A […]

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Fortune Tales - Fight or Flight

The Uncollected Anthology – Fortune Tales

Hooray! The latest issue of The Uncollected Anthology of Urban Fantasy—Issue #9, Fortune Tales—has landed. This issue is chock full of stories from Leah Cutter, Annie Reed, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Rebecca M. Senese, and our special awesome guest author, Stephanie Writt. My story in this issue is FIGHT OR FLIGHT.   Time travel. Love. Magic. Little Charlie Nobody fights to survive on dangerous streets. No one cares whether he lives or dies—and he comes close to dying more than once. Each time he hovers between life and death, he not only sees the future, he enters it. He doesn’t understand […]

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