The Uncollected Anthology – Out of the Woods!

The latest issue of The Uncollected Anthology of Urban Fantasy is now available, and it’s a knockout.

Faerie wars. Blood pacts. Forests with minds of their own. Werewolves. A week-long hike turned magically wrong. A wood carving class where the wood has ideas of its own. Death and resurrection.

The stories are available as ebooks at All the Places. Buy one or buy them all (we hope you buy them all)!

My story in this issue, PECULIAR MAGIC, is available to buy at KoboAmazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.


Our special awesome guest author for this issue is Ron Collins. We’re so glad he’s joined us for this issue.



Jonathan Hale is a delivery guy by day, and an underground music critic by night. He’s on his own and just getting his life back together when he runs across Micaela Alandari. She’s a kick‑ass fae woman with an interesting bloodline that includes a half-brother mired in a losing war effort on the fae side of the tracks.

While Jon’s worried about keeping his job, Micaela’s got bigger problems for him to deal with. If he can’t get his act together, it could mean the end of civilization on both sides of the Bridge to Fae Realm.


Also in this issue: Leah Cutter’s PAULALEENA, Dayle A. Dermatis’ TENDRILS TWINING, Annie Reed’s LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION?, Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s PRIMITIVE AREA, Rebecca M. Senese’s THE REVEAL WITHIN, and my story, PECULIAR MAGIC. Phaedra Weldon will have a story in the issue as well, which should be available in a just a few days.

 Leah Cutter



Pauli, the most recent of the Paulaleena fairies, must creep out of the woods and renew the pact with the human mayor of the nearby city.

The pact that keeps the world safe from the Dark Ones.

The pact forged by blood.

When this human mayor insists on seeing the Dark Ones herself, they both get more than they bargained for.


Dayle A. Dermatis



Widowed Penny ponders selling the beautiful Victorian home she and her late husband shared. After all, the yardwork is more than she can handle…this spring, it looks as though the forest is encroaching.

Surely it’s an illusion.

But what if it isn’t?

And when myth and magic collide with urban development, who will win and who will lose…and who will get caught in the crossfire?

“…One of the best writers working today.”
—USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith


Annie Reed



Private detectives Diz and Dee have worked for some pretty odd clients.  Leprechauns. Fairies. The occasional Greek God.

Even Dee’s mother.

But their newest client could be the oddest yet.

Horror movie director Morte (as in death; he had it legally changed) can’t find the star of his latest B-movie flick, currently filming in the woods outside Moretown Bay. The guy’s a method actor who needs to “live the part,” and he occasionally takes off to do a little research. Only this time he’s playing a werewolf, and the full moon is right around the corner.

Hollywood invades the offices of D & D Investigations in this latest addition to the Diz & Dee mystery series.


Kristine Kathryn Rusch



By the time Sara finds herself in the middle of the Idaho Primitive Area, she knows she made a huge mistake. Her decision clouded by the blush of new love, she agrees to accompany Travis on a weeklong hike. Sara, the city girl, in the woods, camping. And just when she thinks things can’t possibly get worse, she discovers just how wrong they can turn—but in ways she never expected. Magical ways…

“Rusch’s short fiction is golden.”
—Kansas City Star


Rebecca M. Senese



Marnie waited too long to sign up for a painting course and ends up in a wood carving class. What the heck does she know about carving wood? She manages to make it through the first session without gouging her arm but has to drop the class. Her learning to carve? No way. But something in the wood calls to her, urging her to reveal…what? Marnie wants nothing to do with the class but the wood has ideas of its own.


And my story:



Death. Resurrection. What happens next?

Beth died at seventeen, helping to save the world. Her boss, Malek—the serpent from the Garden of Eden in human form—brought her back.

She hasn’t been the same since. She can’t recall the details of her death. The missing memory haunts her.

When the supernatural creature who killed her hunts her down once again, Beth must face the mystery of her death head-on. If she can’t solve the puzzle of her hidden memory, she may lose something infinitely more valuable than her life.

Peculiar Magic is a stand-alone story set in THE FAERY CHRONICLES series, which means you can read and enjoy it without having read any of the stories or novels that come before. For those who have read the series, the events of Peculiar Magic take place just after the third book in the series, FAERY.

As mentioned above, PECULIAR MAGIC is available to buy at KoboAmazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.


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