Introducing the Clockwork Heart Tales No. 2: WITCH

Hooray! The second of the Clockwork Heart Tales, WITCH, is now available.

This story took me much longer to finish than I’d originally planned as the story took a different shape and grew into a novelette. The details:

Witch Cover 4

Betrayal. Magic. Freedom.

Erynn and her unlikely friends have dethroned their terrible master Sebastian, killing him and leaving his soul to suffer and fade into oblivion. They guard his soul to make sure he dies a true death, while keeping their revolution secret, lest Sebastian’s rivals and those under his influence rise against them. After all, in Sebastian’s underground criminal cult, bodies, souls, magic—and power—are the only currency that matters.

Erynn and those she loves are nearly home-free when Sebastian stages a rebellion of his own, reaching out from beyond the grave.

To stop him, Erynn must face her greatest fear—becoming just like the man whose all-consuming lust, greed, and twisted magic made her into a monster with a clockwork heart.

A heroine willing to risk it all. A world where dark enchantment endangers every soul and, for the right price, anyone can live forever.

WITCH, along with its predecessor HEART, is free as an ebook when you subscribe to my newsletter. The ebook is also available to buy at these fine places: Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, B&N, and Smashwords.