Clockwork Heart Tales

A heroine willing to risk it all to follow her clockwork heart.
A world where dark enchantment endangers every soul
and, for the right price, anyone can live forever.

The Clockwork Heart Tales were inspired by a vision of a shadowy, abandoned flat, a spirit board, and a broken girl with a clockwork heart that I received in the midst of a fever dream. The first inspired story, HEART, was published in the fabulous Fiction River anthology, Alchemy & Steam.

Further stories in the Clockwork Heart Tales will be released approximately once a month. Meanwhile, the first story, HEART, and the second story, WITCH, are  free to read with a subscription to my newsletter.

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Clockwork Heart Tale No. 1

Heart Cover Final

Love. Murder. A deal with the devil.

The charming Sebastian owns the bodies and souls of all his thieves and slaves. In his underground criminal cult, bodies, souls—and magic—are the only currency that matters.

When Sebastian offers the adventurous Erynn his world, she accepts, not realizing that it will become her hell. More than anything, Sebastian wants her heart.

Erynn’s only way out: a plan so dangerous it may cost her life—and in the process, change the face of the world forever.

If you’d like to buy a copy of HEART, it’s available here.


Clockwork Heart Tale No. 2

Witch Cover 4

Betrayal. Magic. Freedom.

Erynn and her unlikely friends have dethroned their terrible master Sebastian, killing him and leaving his soul to suffer and fade into oblivion. They guard his soul to make sure he dies a true death, while keeping their revolution secret, lest Sebastian’s rivals and those under his influence rise against them. After all, in Sebastian’s underground criminal cult, bodies, souls, magic—and power—are the only currency that matters.

Erynn and those she loves are nearly home-free when Sebastian stages a rebellion of his own, reaching out from beyond the grave.

To stop him, Erynn must face her greatest fear—becoming just like the man whose all-consuming lust, greed, and twisted magic made her into a monster with a clockwork heart.

If you’d like to buy a copy of WITCH, you can pick up your copy here.


Clockwork Heart Tale No. 3

Bewitching Love - Oracle

Love. Sorcery. Secrets.

To save the people she loves, Erynn consented to carry within herself the soul of the cruel man who once enslaved them—Sebastian, London’s criminal mastermind and soul-dealing sorcerer. Day by day, she wonders whether she will become as evil as he was—and whether her friends will be forced to kill her to keep that evil from destroying them all.

Now, Sebastian’s restless soul wakes her in the darkest hours of night. He compels her to search the dungeons beneath her home to uncover a secret so explosive it may turn her against her friends.

Erynn’s discovery may leave her with no choice but to trust Sebastian with the shreds of her life and her clockwork heart. She and Sebastian both understand that the consequences of such trust could be deadly.

In fact, they’re counting on it.

Sorcery. Alchemy. Necromancy. Friends and enemies who have lost everything but the fire of magic that burns within.

Join Erynn’s journey of courage, strength, and heart.

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Bewitching love awaits…