How to Read The Faery Chronicles in Order

The Faery Chronicles series contains three novels, although there will be more forthcoming in 2018, and quite a lot of short stories. The stories chronicle the characters’ adventures in between the novels.

Each story or novel can be read as a standalone, so it’s not necessary to have read everything to enjoy any particular one. But the experience is richer if you’ve had the chance to savor it all.

Because readers have asked, I wanted to include a list of the Faery Chronicles series, in order.

The Faery Chronicles in Chronological Order
(novels in all caps; unless otherwise noted, short stories are collected in Faery Tales Volumes 1 and 2)
Under the Skin (available right now only in Fiction River Volume 17: Sparks)
Blood to Blood
Girl in Black
Silver Dust
When Gods Hunger
Lightning in a Bottle
Taste of Ashes
All the Words in All the Worlds
Peculiar Magic (Available as part of The Uncollected Anthology Issue 8: Out of the Woods)
Sanctuary (a novelette, available as a single)
Street Song (available as part of The Uncollected Anthology Issue 13: Mystical Melodies)
You Can’t Take What I Won’t Give (forthcoming in Fiction River Volume 34: Doorways to Enchantment – November 2018)