The Faery Chronicles

The Faery Chronicles


Blowing off steam at a Saturday night party with the girl you really want to date can lead to hearing your friends’ thoughts, pissing off the Faery King, and imminent mortal danger — if you’re sixteen-year-old Kevin Landon, instant freak.

His new normal: A best friend with a mind-blowing secret. A rock-n-roll siren doomed to lose her humanity. A father obsessed with a life stolen before its time.

The Faery King weaves a powerful trap to snare them all, leaving Kevin with only one way out. He must find a way to wield his magic before time runs out for the people he loves. If he fails, everyone and everything he knows will be lost.

Enter the magic. Dive deep into courage and hope.

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Rudolph Diamond Davies III: Senior class clown. Hawaiian-shirt-wearing party dude. Apprentice Faery Seer trained to enforce the peace among humans, faeries, angels, and demons. No problem. Until a friend’s spell to summon a capital D Demon devastates Rude’s city in the blink of an eye.

The spell changes everything—and everyone—within its reach.  Some people vanish without a trace. Some lose their sanity. And those who carry magic within them begin to change as the spell reshapes and remakes them, turning them into their own worst nightmares.

If Rude can’t find a way to stop his own terrifying transformation, he will be damned. The arrival of the Demon will destroy more than his city and all the people within. The Demon’s magic will destroy the world.

Impossible choices. Incredible adventure.

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Kevin Landon, magical liaison between humans and the fae, helped save the world from a Demon and restore his city to some semblance of normal, but the aftershocks of that fight threaten to tear apart the one realm that determines the fate of all the others: the realm of Faery.

A mystical sickness weakens the realm, rendering it vulnerable to a hostile takeover. A powerful, ancient force invades, intending to make Faery her own. Her name is Famine—a Horsewoman of the Apocalypse—and the plan she sets in motion threatens to shake the foundations of all the worlds.

Kevin and his Faery singer, Simone, are all that stand between Famine and the throne of Faery. The price of defeat is unthinkable, but victory may cost Kevin more than his life. It may cost him his soul.

Make a choice. Change your fate. Change the world.

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Short Story Collections

Fairy tales tell us timeless stories rooted in myth and legend—stories of heroes and heroines who save the day, or cautionary tales that serve as dire warnings not to stray from the beaten path. Modern fairy tales reveal the mysterious in our own world, alive and shining, calling us to open our hearts and minds so that we can see it.


Faery Tales Volume 1

FT1 cover ebook

Sink into this volume of stories, fraught with wild danger, love, and joy. Meet the characters of The Faery Chronicles on their own terms: The notorious serpent from the Garden of Eden, cursed into human form and immortal, whose magic can heal or kill. The rock’n’roll singer whose magical siren voice doomed her to lose her humanity—and her ability to love. The wise-cracking girl, too smart for her own good, whose curiosity makes her the target of a god. The Faery Seer who enforces the peace among humans, faeries, angels, and demons, faced with the one thing he has no clue how to fight.

Includes The Faery Chronicles stories Snakebite, Breathless, Blood to Blood, Phoenix, and Girl in Black.

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Faery Tales Volume 2

FT2 cover ebook

In the pages of these magical tales, enter the dangerously beautiful realm of Faery, the insidious charm of Hell, and the fiery vault of Heaven. Join the characters of The Faery Chronicles as they fight to save those they love, their worlds, and themselves.

A fae princess runs from her past—and for her life. The apprentice to a god takes a magical shortcut only to be snared in a trap from which she may never escape. A heartbroken boy travels across time and memory to find what has been lost. The serpent from the Garden of Eden, cursed into human form, travels a road to Hell to save the life of a girl he loves.

Includes Silver Dust, When Gods Hunger, Lightning in a Bottle, Taste of Ashes, and All the Words in All the Worlds.

More twists and turns as the plot thickens. The adventure continues.


Novelettes and Novellas



Mystery. Magic. Danger.

When a runaway asks Kevin Landon for help on Christmas Eve, he can’t say no—even if he’s on his way home for the first Christmas since his transformation from high school freak to Faery King.

Kevin expects his father to have a hard time with the transformation, but he doesn’t expect his new runaway friend to have a mysterious magical power of their own that they don’t understand and can’t control.

The trouble that follows them home might destroy them all—unless they can find a spark of hope to light the way.

The stakes have never been higher as the tension builds toward the coming battle for the world. Dive into the story and join the fight.

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