The Soul Forge Series



Magical assassins. Fallen angels. A perfect storm.

Night Sanchez and her daughter found a place to call home after years on the run from the relentless magical assassins—until the fragile peace she’s built comes crashing down in a perfect storm.

The deadliest assassin appears on her doorstep. The descendants of fallen angels issue a mortal threat. The Angel of Death arrives to kick-start the apocalypse.

Can Night win a war against them all? If she fails, she’ll lose her daughter, her love, her life. And the world will burn…


Magical assassins. Fallen angels. An awakening god.

Night Sanchez is a player in the unfolding end of the world, balanced on a knife’s edge. Something she never wanted to be.

The former magical assassin won’t run and refuses to hide. Night will do whatever it takes to save the people she loves—especially her daughter Faith, who carries a sleeping god known only as the Awakened, a ticking time bomb inside of her.

Night crafted a truce with the Watchers—descendants of the fallen angels—and killed assassins sent by the lethal magicians that trained her, before they could kill her first.

But the truce with the Watchers won’t hold forever, and the Angel of Death strains at the chains that bind him.

Can Night save Faith from the Awakened? Can she prevent the Angel of Death from taking over her will? Can she stop Death from moving the world closer to its doom?


Magical assassins. Fallen angels. Destiny’s challenge.

Night Sanchez discovers the last person she expects on her doorstep—the woman who raised and trained her in the Order. The woman who wants her dead.

She offers aid that Night has little reason to trust—aid that Night’s daughter, Faith, needs.

Thrust into a battle on three fronts, Night struggles to help Faith, face her own dangerous relationship with the Angel of Death, and confront a cataclysmic danger that threatens not only the children of the Order, but the world itself.

Who will pay the price for the Order’s help? Can Night stop the Angel of Death from taking over her body, her mind, and her magic? Can she rise to destiny’s challenge?

An action-packed, magical thrill ride.