Faery Chronicles Stories Appearing in The Uncollected Anthology

Faery Chronicles Stories in The Uncollected Anthology

These Faery Chronicles series stories appear in The Uncollected Anthology.

Blood to Blood


Malek—the serpent from the Garden of Eden—counts himself among the local gods. The last time he rode with the others under the moonlight, his one and only apprentice died a terrible death. So when the invitation for the next midnight ride arrives on his doorstep, he refuses. Until a human girl he cares about becomes the gods’ target. He may be her only chance to survive, but his help comes at a steep price.



Winter Witches Phoenix Final Cover

A mystery girl appears in the midst of a winter thunderstorm, seeking a witch to break a terrible curse. The problem: banishment from the Faery Realm. The witch: seventeen-year-old Stacy, young to the Craft but rich in power and reputation thanks to her hand in thwarting the last apocalypse. The catch: helping the girl leads to certain death.



Heartspells Cover Final Thumbnail

Someone kills a woman in the alley behind Snake Bite Tattoo—a clear declaration of war against its dangerous proprietor, Malek, the serpent from the Garden of Eden made an immortal man. If he can work a spell in time to bring the woman back to temporary life, she can tell him who murdered her and why. He’ll track them down and make they pay. End of story.

But he doesn’t count on remembering that he once knew her, or the feelings that rise in him along with the memories. Or that the reason for her death and the declaration of war are not what they seem.


Silver Dust

Walker Portals & Passageways Cover Final 2 x 3 (2)

Silver had it all—eternal life, long-term memory, and a real sweet princess gig as the heir to the Faery King’s throne. But then the Faery realm caught a terrible disease, and she tried to save her people by taking the sickness into herself. She ended up banished with a price on her head and only days to live. The cure cost her memory and left her in hiding, a stranger to herself.

When her one friend in all the worlds disappears while trying to help her find a way home, Silver must come out of the shadows to save him. She must face the danger and the unknown lurking in the Human and Faery realms—and in her own strange heart and soul.


All the Words in All the Worlds

All the Words in All the World UA cover reduced

When Chris Garcia reads the magical morning Metro section of the newspaper, one and only one article stands out: a girl named Alice must find something precious she’s lost before nightfall or go to Hell. Chris figures his newfound magical skill of finding the lost will save her. Instead, he walks straight into a trap. If he fails to find a way out before the sun sets, he dooms Alice—and himself—forever.


When Gods Hunger

When Gods Hunger

Beth embraces her new, immortal life and forever job as apprentice to Malek, the serpent from the Garden of Eden cursed into human form. Neither immortality nor her magical gig changes her essential curious, risk-taking nature. In fact, the power Malek passes to her opens the door to greater risk—and more disastrous consequences.

When she takes a short cut with her new magic, she finds herself in Hell—or a hell, anyway. She comes under the watchful gaze of a new enemy—a power of Biblical proportions who offers Beth the chance to buy the one thing she longs for most in her heart of hearts: a true home.


Peculiar Magic


Death. Resurrection. What happens next?

Beth died at seventeen, helping to save the world. Her boss, Malek—the serpent from the Garden of Eden in human form—brought her back.

She hasn’t been the same since. She can’t recall the details of her death. The missing memory haunts her.

When the supernatural creature who killed her hunts her down once again, Beth must face the mystery of her death head-on. If she can’t solve the puzzle of her hidden memory, she may lose something infinitely more valuable than her life.


Street Song

A war song. An enemy. Only one way out.

A haunting magical melody draws Queen Simone out of the Faery Realm and into the human world. The song triggers violence in the streets, endangering innocents—including humans she loves. All signs point to a fae source.

Can Simone find the source of the music? Can she stop it before it kills?

A standalone story in the Faery Chronicles series, Street Song explores the depths of rage—and the mysteries of the heart.